Weekend in Mount Rainier National Park

August 15, 2020

Duration: 2 days
Mileage: 220
Starting point: Seattle, WA
States: WA
Budget for 2 people: $174 ($64 camp, $40 gas, $70 food, we had our $80 NP annual pass that we purchased earlier this year)

  • Day 0: drive¬†to Silver Springs Campground, Mount Rainier NP, Washington (80 mi); settle in
  • Day 1: explore the park and hike Naches Peak Loop trail
  • Day 2: explore Sunrise area of the park,¬†drive back home

Our second camping trip in 2020 was to the Mount Rainier National Park. There are 3 national parks in Washington state and our goal for the year was to visit all of them (restrictions permitting).

We booked Silver Springs campground which is very close to the park entrance. We drove there on Friday evening after work (~80 mi) to settle our tent and have more time for exploring the next day. We had a very spacious camp spot hidden between the trees.

Some other pictures from the campground:

On Saturday morning we drove to the Naches Peak area which offers multiple trails. We explored the valley and hiked approximately 4-5 miles. Here are some pictures from the valley and our hike:

On Sunday we decided to get closer to the Mount Rainier before heading home so we went to the Sunrise area and had a quick hike to take these pictures of the mountain: