Weekend in Ocean City

August 18, 2020

Duration: 2 days
Mileage: ~300
Starting point: Seattle, WA
States: WA
Budget for 2 people: $202 ($62 camp, $50 gas, $90 food, we had our $80 NP annual pass that we purchased earlier this year)

  • Day 1: drive┬áto Ocean City State Park Campground, Washington (140 mi); settle and spend time on the beach
  • Day 2: explore Olympic National Park, hike, spend more time in camp and drive back home

To complete our goal all visiting all national parks in Washington in 2020 we went to the Ocean City state park which is very close to the Olympic National Park. It also gave us an opportunity to spend a lot of time by the ocean that we missed a lot after moving from California.

During this trip we wanted to stroll on the beach, spend time by the campfire and enjoy ocean sunsets. And that's exactly what we did during our first day :)

In the morning of our second day we went to the Quinault Rain Forest in the Olympic National Park. We hiked a very quick trail and visited nearby lake.

Our initial plan was to spend another night in the campground but weather forecast changed and it was supposed to rain heavily during the night. Considering this we enjoyed some more time by the campfire, packed everything and left home a little bit earlier.