Weekend in Joshua Tree National Park, California

May 12, 2016

Duration: 2 days
Mileage: 300
Starting point: Irvine, CA
States: CA
Budget for 2 people: $130 ($20 camp, $40 gas, $50 food, $20 other)

  • Day 1: drive to Joshua Tree National Park, CA; explore the park
  • Day 2: explore Noah Purifoy Outdoor Art Museum, CA; drive back home

Day 1:

Joshua Tree National Park is an amazing place to spend a weekend and take some night pictures. It is only 2 hours away from our home and also offers several great camping locations. Even though it was our 4th visit to the park, we still enjoyed seeing these special trees, climbing some rocks and hiking. We stayed in Black Rock Canyon campground, which is cheap and spacious. Yucca Valley town is only 10 min away in case you need to buy some food or firewood.

On our first day we checked our favorite places:

Quail Springs: we made a stop here for a quick hike

Scull Rock: very popular stop, but there is a nice area to walk around

White Tank: to see the arch and climb some rocks

Keys View: beautiful overlook point

We dedicated the evening to cooking some sausages, drinking beer and making new attempts in the night photography:

Day 2:

We have found a very cool place close to the National Park - Noah Purifoy Outrood Art Museum. It was fun to walk around all those installations, though I wish there were some descriptions too :)

Finally, we made a quick hike from the Black Rock Canyon Campground - High View loop. This trail leads all way up to the hill and offers some beautiful views: