Indian Cove Campground, California

May 20, 2018

Duration: 2 days
Mileage: 260
Starting point: Irvine, CA
States: CA
Budget for 2 people: $180 ($20 camp, $40 gas, $100 food, $20 other)

  • Day 1: drive to the campground, hike in the area (Indian Cove Nature Trail), relax in the campground
  • Day 2: breakfast and┬ádrive back home

I think we have found the best place in Joshua Tree National Park! The only catch is that there are no joshua trees in the area :) Indian Cove campground is a very unique place within 2.5-3 hours drive from Irvine. Even though campground is located on the national park territory it has a separate entrance and you don't need to pay national park entrance fee. Its territory is huge and it is also a heaven for rock climbers. There are multiple easy to climb rocks for those who don't have any special equipment. It's a very fun place for both children and grown-ups.

There is one approximately 1-mile loop trail at the end of the campground. There are also lots of rock formations that are possible to climb. If that's not enough Indian Cove is close to other Joshua Tree National Park entrances.

Most of the campgrounds are surrounded with rocks. For example, this was our spot:

Other pictures from the campground:

On the way to the Indian Cove Nature Trail:

Indian Cove Nature Trail:

Evening activities: