Day 7: Tulum, Gran Cenote, Playa Paraiso

In the morning we headed towards the Ruins of Tulum and made a stop next to the nearest Starbucks for our morning coffee. Since it was already very crowded it was the closest parking available too. There is a tram going from Starbucks to the ruins, many shops, and restaurants and there is also a square where we witnessed the Danza de los Voladores or the Dance of the Flyers. It is an ancient ritual when 4 dancers descend to the ground tied with ropes. The fifth participant dances on top of a 30-meter pole.  It is believed that performing this ritual will ask the gods to end a drought.

Please follow the links below to see more information about the ruins and Gran Cenote:

We spent the rest of our day in Playa Paraiso. There is only one road going there and there was a terrible traffic jam. If we knew that in advance we would just walk. There are parking areas along the road or multiple beach restaurants offer free parking if you have a drink.

A well-deserved relaxation after a long day :)

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