Day 3: Budapest

As you know, Budapest is very famout for its thermal baths (if not for medical reasons then maybe pool parties?). After a lot of research we decided to go to the most popular Széchenyi thermal bath. It's the largest medicinal bath in Europe that has 15 indoor baths and 3 grand outdoor pools. It also has at least 10 different steam rooms, even a beer one! It cost approximately $20 and you can spend the whole day there. Having read that it gets pretty busy after noon and taking advantage of our jet lag we came at 8am. It's a walking distance from the downtown but there's also a very convenient metro that takes you directly to the entrance. If you visit Budapest make sure to allocate some time for this place!

We left baths around lunch time and had some relaxing time after all that water time. In the evening we headed towards the Széchenyi Chain Bridge to take some pictures of the lights at night:

After our stay in Budapest we also went to Vienna. I already have a post about Vienna so I’m not going to add anything else but I just wanted to show off our rooftop apartment in the center of Vienna. What can be better than having Aperol and enjoying the sunset from the roof? :)

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