Day 1: From SLC to Denver

Stop 1: Salt Lake City, UT

When we arrived to SLC on Friday's evening we took a train ($2.5) to the downtown area where our hotel was. Our plan was to drink some local beer on Friday night and then pick up a car on Saturday morning. Rental offices work until 12pm on weekends so we rushed to get a car first thing in the morning. Probably because that rental location is not very busy, instead of a standard car we got this:

Somewhere in Idaho:

Then to save some money during our trip we went to Costco to build a stock of food for sandwiches, snacks and water. It was a great thing to do and we always had some quick snacks when we had to drive the whole day and there was nothing around.

Finally, we visited Utah State Capitol and Temple Square and then drove to Jackson, WY.

Salt Lake City Utah State Capitol:

Salt Lake City Temple Square:

We can be wedding photographers too :)

Stop 2: Idaho Falls, ID

We made a very quick stop here to rest from driving and take a short walk along the river.

In general, I was nicely surprised with the views of Idaho. Everything around looks very green and well maintained. As an example, some of the views on our way:

Stop 3: somewhere in Wyoming

When we reached Wyoming, we were surprised by the weather. We thought that we packed for the wrong season :)

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