Days 9-10: Prague

As you can see from the amount of pictures below I liked Prague most of all. There are so many places to walk and we met with friends and family :) Luckily Prague suffered only minor destructions during the Second World War and we can enjoy its beauty these days. Czech Republic uses their own currency, however, most of the places accept credit cards or euros. Prague is an awesome place for partying, too.

We started our morning in the famous historic cafe Louvre from where headed towards the river and the famous Charles Bridge.

After crossing the bridge we headed towards the Prague Castle but didn't enter the territory this time.

From the Castle we went back down to the Senate of the Parliament:

Then we headed to the Old Town Square and explored beautiful historical streets:

The next day we walked to the Vysehrad Castle - another spacious area worth exploring that offers amazing views!

To regenerate our energy we decided to take a paddle boat (10euro an hour). I'm the lazy one sitting on the back seat and taking pictures (smart decision!) :)

Then we remembered that we didn't come close to St. Vitus Cathedral and went all the way back to the Prague Castle. We saw the line of people and decided that we need entrance tickets so we went away. But we didn't give up on seeing the Cathedral and tried to walk around the Castle's territory. After approximately half an hour of walking, we found another entrance on the side. We wanted to turn around again but a nice security guard saw us and pointed to the entrance. He opened a path in a fence for us so we had no choice but to follow his lead. And to our surprise we saw no prices - the entrance was free. Here are some pictures from the Castle's territory and of course St. Vitus Cathedral.

Here is another breathtaking view from the Castle:

By that time we walked around 15 miles so we were ready to go back to the historical center to have deserved amazing local food and beer. Charles Bridge again:

Kafka Museum:

And delicious meal of the day :)

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