Days 4-6: Seattle

Since we've been to Seattle already (see previous post) we wanted to enjoy the big city and it's atmosphere. Seattle expanded significantly since we visited it last time. We also found out that one of our offices in Seattle has the best views from the roof so we hanged around there a lot.

And here are some of the pictures from our evening walks. On the first 2 pictures is Amazon office. See our previous post for more information about the city

On Thursday after work we drove to Portland to save us some driving time on the following days. See our previous post about things to to in Portland area. If you have more time and interest you can visit Snoqualmie Falls and Mount Rainer that are close to Seattle. In our case, we decided that it will be quite a significant loop for our trip and we'd rather see other waterfalls. And most of the Mount Rainer national park was still closed due to the snow.

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