Days 11-12: Vienna

I couldn't find direct trains from Prague to Vienna so this time we took a bus that was also very comfortable, however, it was a challenge to find the bus stop in Prague. Usually, we arrived 30-40 min in advance before our train departure but this time we were glad that we had more time as there are no clear signs around the station and we were running around looking for our stop.

In Vienna we were able to check in early and went to explore the city. Our first stop was in Belvedere Palace and Park as it was the closest to our hotel:

Personally, I liked most of all gothic churches. I've been to Austria in the mountains and I imagined that Vienna will look similar to that part of Austria, but it's a huge city with 3 palaces and massive buildings with golden decorations and sculptures. The historical city center is also a big shopping area.

It was nice to be able to enter the St. Stephen's Cathedral in the very heart of the city:

Column of the Trinity:

Beautiful Catholic Church of St. Peter where you can enter as well for free:

Here is the Hofburg Palace and surrounding buildings:

Rathaus - Neo-Gothic city hall:

We accidentally entered from the side and witnessed orchestra practice.

This is my favorite place - Votivkirche church:

On our way back to the city center:

Austrian Parliament building:

And finally some local schnitzel and beer!

This was the first time when we saw people drinking this strange looking orange drink and we decided to give it a try. It actually came out really good so from now on aperol spritz is our new summer drink :)

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