Day 9: Cancun

For this day we had only one activity planned - snorkeling in MUSA (underwater museum of art). It would be much more fun to dive there but we don't have our certificates yet :)  The museum has 500 sculptures 3-6 meters deep divided into separate galleries. The objective of creating this place was to save the coral reef by providing an alternative destination for divers.

We booked our tour in advance with Aquaworld organization. We took a really early public bus to their location from the downtown. Since we had some time before our event we also walked around and visited one of the public beaches (Playa Ballenas). In Cancun all beaches are considered public, however, access to them is blocked by private hotels. However, there are several paths between hotels that provide access to the shore.

Zona Hotelera:

Playa Ballenas:

The snorkeling tour is 3 hours in total. It takes 40 min to get to the museum, 30-40 min to snorkel, then our guide took us to a really nice shallow beach on Isla Mujeres, after which we returned to their base. Other than snorkeling it is also a lot of fun to simply relax on a speedboat and enjoy the views. I've never seen the water of such color anywhere else!

On the way to Isla Mujeres:


Stop by the beach:

After our tour we dried ourselves, changed the clothes and headed directly to the airport to catch our flight back to Mexico City that landed 2 hours before the New Year. Needless to say, after all those adventures and water activities we didn't have enough energy to stay awake for long :)

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