Day 4: Northern California

Stop 1: Sacramento Downtown

Our plan was to see the downtown and start driving home. We parked next to the State Capitol and started our walk. This is the State Capitol:

Next stop was the Cathedral of Blessed Sacrament:

We continued walking in the Old Town for some time and then headed back to our car to drive to our next destination.

Stop 2: 17 Mile Drive

17 mile drive is a scenic drive ($10 entrance fee) on the Monterey Peninsula that is considered one of the most beautiful drives in the world.  It goes to Pebble beach through the Pacific Grove and Del Monte Forest. At the entrance you are given a map with the main landmarks clearly marked. There are many signs along the road so you won't miss your turn or stop. It is possible to spend the whole day there to see everything, but you can also drive through it quickly depending on your time limit. Of course it is worth driving along all PCH and spending there several days, but if you don't have that much time then you can do 17 mile drive only to get a feel of what PCH is.

Lots of fat little cuties there :)

This picture shows that money can actually buy anything. Large territory of the peninsula is actually a golf course, some of it is on the beach. I'm wondering what's in these people's heads? "Let's go and throw some golf balls into the ocean?" (we actually saw several ball going straight into the ocean).

Famous more than 250 years old Lone Cypress:

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