From Ella to Kandy

Our train to Kandy was at 2 pm so we had some time in the morning to explore something else. We decided to go to the Kithal Ella Falls that is on the way to Ella Rock. The most interesting part is that most of the way you have to walk on rails from Ella station. Once you see people selling some drinks and a small Buddha statue you'll know where you need to turn. Local people can point you in the right direction at any time as well.

Views on our way back:

The most entertaining moment is when you hear a train approaching and start looking for a safe place (there is plenty of space so it's not as dangerous as it sounds).

On weekends local railways have one extra touristic train from Ella to Kandy that sells only first class reserved tickets. We were able to get them and experience the scenic route.

The train is very unstable and moves a lot, but it goes very slow that makes it feel safer. First class vagons have all windows closed, however, the doors are left open between the vagons so people can sit there. This is my way of enjoying the scenery and staying safe :)

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