Day 3: Snowed in in Glendale

We woke up in the morning to see heavy storm outside. All roads were not cleared yet and most of them were closed. Additionally, the driveway to our house was all covered in deep snow and we were expecting a plow closer to the lunchtime. But the worst part was that storm damaged electricity (on a holiday) and there was no heat, no hot water.. nothing was working and our tiny cabin was getting very cold (it was up to -15 C outside). When our car was dug out of the snow we decided to drive to the nearest bigger city looking for a warm place with electricity but there was none in that area as well. We were trapped by closed roads in our city and were hoping for the best. There was just one gas station in the area that had a backup power generator and all people were hanging out there. Luckily, electricity got fixed around 9 pm so we could go to sleep safely.

After the storm pictures:

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