For us, Ella was the best destination during this trip. There are beautiful mountains, vast tea plantations, more food options. It's worth spending even several days in that region hiking its beautiful scenery. We started the day from walking to the famous Nine Arches Bridge. If you get there late be ready for the crowds.

As you can see all bridge photos are heavily photoshopped :) In reality you can barely squeeze between tourists.

The next point of interest on our list was the Little Adam's Peak. It's a relatively short hike to the top of the mountain that offers very beautiful views.

Ravana Falls is located in a short tuk-tuk ride from Ella. It's a nice place, however, I don't recommend going there during busy hours as you won't be able to get anywhere close due to the crowds of tourists and locals who wash their clothes.

Don't worry, he is ok! Probably a bit hot :)

Driving back from Ravana Falls to Ella:

Ella's main street:

We were wandering in a more hidden area of Ella when it started raining heavily. These two little girls approached us and offered to wait in their house. I would say that we met a lot of kind and helpful people but there were also many greedy people who wanted to rip off tourists.

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