Day 2: Grand Canyon

Our day started at 4 am as we wanted to see the sunrise. Eastern part overlook points are considered the best for the sunrise. We walked from our campground to Yavapai point (approximately 4 km one way) for these views:

We returned to the campground around 6 am to get some more sleep and change to proper hiking clothes. Also, Mather campground has a very good shower at the entrance. It costs $2 for 8 minutes. There are change machines in the facility that accept 1, 5, and 10 dollar bills. You need to insert 8 quarters for the water to start running. If you don't need all time just stop the shower and you'll get some change back.

After the breakfast and coffee in Yavapai Lodge we took a bus to the Yaki Point. From there we hiked to the Grandview Point for amazing picture opportunities.

Grandview Point:

After we returned to the Yaki Point we went back to the Market Plaza for some food. We selected Mohave Point to see the sunset and got there by blue then red shuttle buses. Red buses run every 10-15 min for 1 hour after the sunset to pick up all viewers and deliver them to the Village. Blue buses run even more often.

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