Day 2: Chapultepec

We had limited time this day as we were invited by a local family to join them for a traditional Christmas dinner thus we decided to spend the first half of the day in Chapultepec park which was within the walking distance from our apartment in Mexico City.

Chapultepec Park (or forest) is one of the largest city parks located on a Chapultepec Hill. Chapultepec Castle was built there in the colonial period. The park is divided into three sections and contains the castle, the Chapultepec Zoo, the Museum of Anthropology, and the Rufino Tamayo Museum. We didn't visit any of those due to our time constraints (everything was open till 5 pm).

This evening we had our first unforgettable experience of this trip - our friend's colleague invited us to celebrate Christmas dinner with their family and a very cute dog! We spent an evening talking about different traditions of our countries and getting to know Mexican people better. We'll never forget the taste of all home-made food that we tried that night. Before even trying the main dishes we were full by eating different snacks including cheeses, salsas, salads and much more. I won't be able to name those dishes properly but for the main course we had shrimp soup, specially prepared codfish, vegetables in mole sauce, dumplings, spinach bread and much more! And I got that secret shrimp soup recipe for myself! Can't wait to prepare it at home :)

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