Day 2: 12 States in 15 Days

Stop 1: New Orleans, LA

As I mentioned on a previous page, we walked in the French Quarter again, then drove around the Garden District and walked in the City Park.

Stop 2: Biloxi, MS

Clone of a clone city - felt like being in a smaller version of Las Vegas. Lots of people arrived to all the casinos, but we just spent ~30 min walking along the beach and staring at those casinos and people.

Stop 3: Mobile, AL

We arrived when it was already dark and unfortunately couldn't come close to the Battle Ship. We enjoyed the view from far away and continued our journey to the final destination for the day. If  you have some time you can walk in the downtown, explore Fort Conde, Battleship Memorial Park, Bellingrath Gardens, Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Bragg-Mitchell Mansion.

Stop 4: Pensacola Beach, FL

Small town with nice beaches (unfortunately it was heavily raining during our stay) and a few old bars where it is allowed to smoke inside. Another strange thing in Florida is that you need to pay an entrance fee to walk on their piers.

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