Day 10: 12 States in 15 Days

Stop 1: Congaree National Park, SC

Congaree National Park preserves the largest tract of old growth bottomland hardwood forest left in the United States. The park has many different trails and several wooden pathways to explore the nature. Unfortunately, we picked wrong time and season to visit. After recent storms half of the pathways was destroyed, majority of trails were flooded. Water was dark brown and everything looked dull.

Again, I will make a reference to the national parks website for more details:

Stop 2: Columbia, SC

Columbia is the capital of South Carolina. It was established in an early 16th century. Columbia offers a number of attractions to visit: Fort Jackson, zoo, state museum, museum of art, State House. State House is known for its architecture and we decided to see it only and have some coffee break from our driving (nice Starbucks in Sheraton hotel).

Stop 3: Charlotte, NC

I liked this city. It looks modern and live. Lots of restaurants and shops. A good place for a quick stop. This is a major city in North Carolina that is famous for the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Charlotte's uptown is very well organized, there are many maps on the streets to help you navigate. Uptown hosts all the business centers, museums, restaurants, parks, theaters, and nightclubs.

Stop 4: Asheville, NC

We wanted to see Biltmore Estate, but changed our mind when realized that entrance fee is $75. More about the place is here:

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