Day 1: Southern Oregon

This trip came up spontaneously as I had to go on a business trip to Seattle area and we decided to combine work with pleasure and go on a road trip. We took 3 days to drive to Seattle along the coast, work from there for 3 days, and return exploring areas along highway 5. Since we explored Northern California multiple times already we decided to drive through this part quickly on Friday evening after work, and start our trip on Saturday morning from Red Bluff.

Our route:

Morning coffee in Weed, CA with the views of Mount Shasta:

Southern Oregon is known for their wineries region. There are several small towns in that area that are surrounded by beautiful nature and wineries. I think the prettiest one is Ashland where we made our first stop.

Another tiny town worth mentioning is Jacksonville. There is a nice city park there as well if you need to make a stop.

Originally we planned to visit Oregon Caves 6pm tour, however, Google maps took us via forest roads (we tried 2 roads) that led to the dead end. I must say that roads in Oregon are great even in the deep woods, the views are also great, but we didn't make it to the caves :) If you plan to visit this monument make sure you follow their driving instructions and not Google maps (we were not the only car lost in the woods).

We finished the day by driving to Crescent City on California coast that is famous for it's lighthouse.

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