Day 1: San Francisco

We visited San Francisco multiple times but I never wrote anything about Bay Area so now it's time to fix this :) Several weeks ago we went to Mountain View for 2 days and I'm going to share what we did this time. It's just one of multiple versions of how you can spend time in SF and surrounding areas. Since we explored all touristic places in SF this time we decided to visit some of our favorite locations.

First of all, I'm going to share our secret location for morning coffee with the view and free parking - Starbucks in Presidio Park. Even if you don't like their coffee it's still a very nice place to start the day. As you can judge from the pictures below the park is beautiful and peaceful.

Another benefit of that place is that it's really close to the Palace of Fine Arts:

If you are driving I suggest to use Crissy Field parking - it is free and has lots of spots. Even during the summer we didn't have any issues with finding a spot.

From there we usually walk towards the Golden Gate Bridge, cross it, and go to the viewpoint on the opposite side. It is approximately 7 mi walk but it's definitely worth doing it.

Some more views along the way:

Views from the bridge:

It is almost impossible to find a parking spot on the other side. But if you walk you have plenty of time to take as many pictures as you'd like :)

And views on the way back:

If you have energy for more walking you might consider visiting Pier 39 sea lions and stopping for SF famous clam chowder.

If you woke up really early and still have extra time then you can stop by these painted ladies :)

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