Day 1: National Museum of Anthropology

While planning this trip to Mexico we had several concerns. Multiple articles advise against visiting this country, driving there, getting out of tourist places ("you'll be robbed, kidnapped, carjacked etc"). We prepared ourselves carefully by having a detailed plan, insurances, safety pockets, local contacts etc. However, to be honest, everywhere we went to in Mexico I felt much safer than, for example, in Paris or Brussels. Local people are very friendly and helpful. Every time we got lost somewhere we received help and directions in Spanish most of the time. Mexico City is huge and we walked in different areas there and never felt any threat. We visited some places around Mexico City and also in Yucatan state and each new day brought new amazing experiences. I'll remember Mexico as a sunny country with friendly people, amazing diverse nature, delicious food and drinks, and unique experiences!

We had an early morning flight from San Diego that landed around 1 pm in Mexico City. It took us less than 30 min to leave the airport and catch an Uber to get to our friend's place. While in the car we thought that it would be challenging to drive in Mexico City and we were glad that we decided against renting a car. Traffic can get very heavy but the biggest challenge is their roads system - drivers literally need to change lanes every 500 meters. I would definitely recommend using public transportation or Uber. It cost us 5-10$ to get anywhere within the city on Uber with a waiting time 5-7 min.

Since we had half of the day for exploring we headed to the National Museum of Anthropology. It is the largest and most visited museum in Mexico located in a beautiful green area within Chapultepec Park. The museum contains significant archaeological and anthropological artifacts from Mexico's pre-Columbian heritage and it is really impressive as you can see from the pictures below.

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