Day 13: 12 States in 15 Days

This was December 31st so our plan was to quickly visit Hot Springs National Park, Hot Springs downtown, buy champagne and food and go to our hotel room with a hot tub to enjoy the rest of the day.

I think Hot Springs mostly attracts local people. The park is not so big, you can visit bath houses if you’re into something like this. There are several of them on the main street. There are multiple driving routes in the park, observation tower and hiking trails. But for us this day was more of a relaxation stop after a long trip.

Park details can be found here:


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Day 14

Day 12: 12 States in 15 Days

The weather was terrible and Mississippi river was creating a lot of flooding which forced us to cross the river quickly and go to Arkansas. We chose to drive through Missouri state to have an understanding of how it looks like. I think the difference between some states is clearly seen once you cross the border. Missouri was covered in water everywhere and looked like an agricultural area. Arkansas looked a little more organized and orderly.

Our final stop for the day was Little Rock, the capital of AR. Some of the places to see are Big dam bridge, Riverfront Park and State Capitol. If you want some exercises or walk you can try their downtown Arkansas River Trail.

AR, everything around was flooded

AR, everything around was flooded

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Day 13

12 States in 15 Days: from TX to FL and back

Flight: Orange County, SNA –> Houston, IAH –> Orange County, SNA
: 15.5 days
Mileage: ~4200
Starting point: Houston, TX
States: TX, LA, MS, AL, GA, FL, SC, NC, TN, MO, AR, OK
Budget for 2 people: $2775 ($590 flight,  $415 car rental, $800 hotel + free points nights, $350 gas, $520 food, $100 other)


  • Day 0: flight from the Orange County, SNA to Houston, IAH; night walk in the downtown
  • Day 1: explore Houston, TX; drive to New Orleans, LA (350 mi, 6 h); explore night life in New Orleans
  • Day 2: explore New Orleans, LA; drive to Biloxi, MS (90 mi, 2 h); drive to Mobile, AL (65 mi, 1 h); drive to Pensacola Beach, FL (70 mi, 1.2 h)
  • Day 3: drive to Panama City, FL (90 mi, 2 h); drive to Crystal River, FL (270 mi, 5 h)
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