Why Travelize.me

My husband and I are both working full-time and we are trying to squeeze in as much travel as possible into our schedule. Most often we just take 1 or 2 days off and go somewhere for a short period of time. We want to see the best places in a quick and efficient way. We are not afraid of driving a long distance or doing strenuous hikes.

At first we pick destination and assess what distance we can cover in a given timeframe. And then it comes to the most painful part – research… There is so much information about different destinations and points of interest that it is so easy to get lost and not find what we need. We’re looking for a brief structured summary of what are “the musts” on a certain route. And it takes days to read tripadvisor, different blogs etc. We actually find Quora to be the most helpful – best advices from experienced locals.

So why Travelize.me? Simply to share our travel routes and personal experiences. We hear a lot from our friends that they like our photos and want to get more information, and we decided to give this in our posts.

We’ve done all the research and can probably save you tons of time. These days it is popular to quit job and just go travel, but we’re not like those people. We like our challenges at work and we like to take the most out of our regular trips.

We’ll start posting our trips around USA first and then add more information about other parts of the world. We hope you’ll like our routes and follow our experiences!

Who We Are